Oleg Timofeyev

Lutenist, guitarist, musicologist, and documentary film director, Oleg Timofeyev was born to a musical family that gave the world several generations of professional musicians.  He received his first music lessons from his mother, a cellist.  Later he studied classical guitar with the famous Muscovite teacher Kamil Frautschi.  In 1989, Oleg Timofeyev was invited to the University of Iowa as an Artist-in-Residence.  A few years later he received his M.A. in Early Music Performance from the USC, under the guidance of the famous lutenist James Tyler.  In 1999, Timofeyev defended his Ph.D. dissertation “The Golden Age of the Russian Guitar: Repertoire, Performance Practice, and Social Function of the Russian Seven-String Guitar, 1800-1850” at Duke University under the supervision of Prof. Peter Williams. Dr. Timofeyev has recorded more than 20 solo and ensemble albums to great critical acclaim worldwide.  He has taught at universities and conservatoires in the US, Russia, and Ukraine.  Today Mr. Timofeyev is the leading figure in the revival of the Russian guitar tradition.


Sabine Gölz

A literary scholar, filmmaker, and photographer, Sabine Gölz is Associate Professor of German and Comparative Literature at The University of Iowa. She is co-founder of IARMAC (2004), and has been running the annual guitar festivals (IARGUS) since 2006.